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Studio Sessions

The MEDIAZOIC Studio Sessions (which have evolved into The Hogtown Hang) is a series of exceptional performances and interviews recorded and/or filmed in our downtown Toronto studio. Releases in this series take two forms. Some sessions are released through a special version of the MEDIAZOIC tuner (see sample at the top of this page) which we feature on our home page and throughout our site. We also create a social, embeddable tuner which can be shared by the artist/band and their supporters across most digital platforms.

Some sessions are also released on video. To view the video sessions, click the ‘Play’ button below (refresh the page if you don't see a video below) to view the sessions in sequence, or click on the ‘Playlist’ icon in the YouTube player to browse through releases so far. Subscribe to the MEDIAZOIC YouTube channel to ensure that you don’t miss a single release in this series.